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Software Center Updates - Manual or Automatic?

Article related to how CIT updates our system software.

Users may decide to do nothing when it comes to Software Updates; the system will 'take care of itself' (most likely on weekends and after hours.) Keep in mind, if you do nothing, you may see a system message that a 'restart' is necessary in the next several minutes. If you see that type of message in the status bar, you should save your documents and close your applications in preparation of that restart.

On the other hand, users have the alternative to somewhat control which updates are installed and when these updates are installed.

Occasionally you see the following message on the status bar of your Windows PC:

You can ignore this message or click on the Software Center icon for more options.

You have several options: (1-2-3 below)
#1. You can view the individual updates in more detail by clicking on View details.
#2. You can force the system to immediately install the updates right now. (a restart will not occur unless you check the box "Restart my computer automatically..."
#3. This option just delays the updates until later, outside your business hours. (this is the default - this will happen without any intervention from you.)

If you click on #1, "View details", you'll open a window similar to the following:
You'll see a list of updates and you can check all, none, or some to update. (Note that if you do nothing your updates will likely be installed on a weekend day.)

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