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macOS - Remote File Access using Cyberduck

This document covers how to use Cyberduck to transfer files to and from a campus webdav-enabled network share.

Setting up the Application:

1. Obtain Cyberduck. This can be done via the Mac App Store if you chose, however for these directions we will be downloading from the developers site If you got the application from the Mac App Store skip to step four.

2.) Wait for Cyberduck to finish downloading. The .app file will be laced in the download's default location.
Wait for download

3.) Once the download is complete drag the .app file to the applications folder.
Place in the downloads folder.

4.) If you wish you can drag Cyberduck to your dock for easy access.
Cyberduck on the dock

5.) Open the application. Upon launching the application it will ask for confirmation of launch. You can say "Open" to this prompt.
Open Cyberduck

6.) With the application open click on the plus sign in the lower left hand corner. This will start the process to add your UW Green Bay share.
Click the plus in the lower left

7.) Make sure that the drop down menu in the edit window is set for "WebDAV (HTTP/SSL)". Then fill out the information in the name, server, port, and user name fields with your credentials as shown here. Note: if for faculty shares, is for student and class shares, and other departments may have other share servers call CIT if you are unsure of this information. We can be reached at 1-920-465-2309. When that is filled out click the more options drop down.
Fill out the info

8.) For access to your personal share under the more options enter the path with your username.
Put your name in with /

IF this is for a course share the path will use that courses name. If you do not know the course share name consult your instructor. The share name may also be in your syllabus. In the syllabus it may be written as "smb://$". Out of that name you will use the "design433_lec1".

 Course share example

9.) After you are done you can close the window to save your changes. You will now have the UW Green Bay share in your bookmarks file.
Click on your drive

10.) Click the M drive, and enter your password to connect.

11.) If Cyberduck prompts you for security verification click "Continue".

12.) Your share drive, and it's contents will now be present. You can open and file you like, and view it's content.
Here is your share drive

Opening a file from a share:

1.) If you wish to open the file select it, and click it to start the transfer process.
Click the document you desire

2.) Shortly after starting the transfer Cyberduck will show the transfer progress and possibly prompt for security verification. If it needs verification you can select "Continue". The transfer window will also show where the file is being placed on your local Macintosh.
Tranfer in progress

3.) Edit the document, and save your changes. If you wish to then re-upload the document to your UW Green Bay share move to the next section of this document.

Uploading a file to a share:

1.) Locate the file you wish to upload (In this example it will be from the desktop). With the destination file open in Cyberduck simply drag the new document for upload to the Cyberduck window.
Drag the file to Cyberduck

2.) Just as with the download Cyberduck will show the transfer progress and possibly prompt for security verification. If it needs verification you can select "Continue".

3.) Once the upload is complete you will see the file progress as done, and the file on your UW Green Bay share.

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