Add a Widget to a D2L Course Homepage

To add widgets to your homepage:

Change to a copy the default homepage

  1. Choose Edit Course from the navbar
  2. Click Homepages 
  3. Verify that you are not already using a copied homepage (by looking under the Active Homepage dropdown. If you are already using "Course Default - Copy," advance to "adding a widget to your copied homepage")
  4. Click the dropdown next to "Course Default" and choose "Copy"
  5. A blue link will appear in the homepages list called "Course Default - Copy"
  6. Select "Course Default - Copy" from the Active Homepage dropdown and click apply.

Adding a widget to your copied homepage

After changing to a copy of the default homepage
  1. Navigate to Edit Course > Widgets (if not there already)
  2. Click the blue "Course Default - Copy" link (there should also be a green checkmark to the right which says "Active")
  3. Click the "Change Layout" button to select a new layout for your course (if desired). Select the layout you would like and click "Update"
  4. Click any of the "Add Widgets" buttons to add widgets to the corresponding sections. Check the boxes to select the widgets you would like to add and click "Add"
place widget

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