Changing the Scoring of a Quiz Question in D2L

This document describes how to edit the scoring of a quiz question in D2L.

To change how a particular question is scored from now on:

  1. Click on the Quizzes tool in the course navigation bar
  2. Access the questions:
    • If your question exists in the Question Library, click Question Library at the top. 
    • If you question exists only within a quiz, click the dropdown next to the quiz and choose Edit Quiz.
  3. Select the question you would like to edit:
    • From within the question library, navigate to the question you would like to edit. 
    • From within the quiz, click Add/Edit Questions and navigate to the question you would like to edit.
  4. Select the question and edit its scoring values, etc. as normal.
Students who take the quiz from this point forward will be presented with the edited, updated version of the question (with your new scoring rules in place). However, students who have already taken the quiz have been graded according to your previous scoring rules, and their scores have not been changed. If you have students who have already completed the quiz and need to have their quizzes re-scored according to your new scoring rules, see "Re-Scoring" below: 

Re-Scoring a question (once students have taken the quiz):
  1. Go to Quizzes
  2. Click the dropdown next to the quiz and click Grade
  3. Click on the Questions tab
  4. Click the option to Update All Attempts
  5. Click on the question you would like to re-score:
    • If you changed a question (above), your question will appear under Questions that are not in the quiz anymore
    • If you are rescoring a question you have not yet changed (you have not completed the steps above), your question will appear as a normal part of the quiz.
  6. Review the question, the correct answer (indicated with a blue arrow) and the breakdown of how many students chose each answer.
  7. Choose a Grading Type
    • Enter a number in "Give to all attempts" to give all students who received this question that number of points (regardless of their answer choices). Note that this score replaces the score they received on this question; it does not add to it.
    • Choose "Give to attempts with answer #" to give all students with a particular answer choice a certain score. Note that this does not alter the scores for students who have given other answers. Example: A question is marked with B as the correct answer while another answer (C) is also acceptable. Choosing this option and giving "attempts with answer 3" (C) "1 points" will give everyone who chose that answer 1 point--it will not affect those who correctly said B (they will still get 1 point).
  8. Once you have made this selection click Save.

All of your students' quiz attempts should now be scored (and re-scored) according to your new scoring rules. As mentioned earlier, however, you still need to make sure that a given question has been correctly changed in all locations in which it is used. For example, you might have gone into a specific quiz to edit a question, but a copy of that particular question may also exist in the Question Library. Sometimes D2L will identify copies of a question that exist elsewhere and alert you to them, asking if you wish to change all copies of that question. For unknown reasons, however, D2L is not always able to do this, so it is important that you manually verify that all copies of a question are appropriately edited.

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