Setting Up a Grade book by Using D2L's Wizard

This document discusses using D2L's wizard to set up a grade book.

Enter the course and click on Grades.

gradebook wizard

  1. Click on Start.
  2. [Step 1] Select the Grading System you'd like to use.
    • Weighted
      • All grade book items add up to 100%
    • Points
      • The instructor sets the maximum points possible for each grade book item
    • Formula
      • Calculate final grade using a custom formula that lets you set conditions on grade items.
        Example: If a user's score on any item is below 60%, then the user automatically fails the course.
        IF{ MIN{ [ITEM1.Percent], [ITEM2.Percent], [ITEM3.Percent] } < 60, 0, 100 }
  3. Once your system is selected, click on Continue.
  4. [Step 2] Choose how the final grade in D2L is calculated. The Adjusted Final Grade option allows you to modify the final grade item without modifying other grade book items.
  5. [Step 3] Choose how D2L will interpret ungraded items.
    • Drop ungraded items
      • This option will not calculate ungraded items at all, at any point in the semester. This is nice to select if you're going to allow students to see their current grade in the course throughout the semester. However, if a grade item for a student is not graded at the end of the course and this option is selected, D2L will not calculate the item in the students final score, instead of calculating it as 0. An instructor would either need to change this option later on to "Treat ungraded items as 0," or ensure that all students have a grade of at least 0 in all grade book items.
    • Treat ungraded items as 0
      • All ungraded items are scored as 0. This choice could possibly be easier on the instructor, but if students are allowed to see their final grade throughout the semester, it will appear as failing for most of the semester and may lead to a lot of student-teacher grade book communication.

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