Creating Grade Items and Categories in D2L

This document illustrates how to create categories and items within them in D2L's grade book tool.

Grade items are the individual columns in the grade book related to an assignment, assessment, etc. Categories in the grade book are used to organize grade items. When using a weighted grade book, categories are also used to control the weighting of the grade items they contain.

Generally, when creating a grade book that will have grade items as well as categories, it's best to create your categories first.

Creating Grade Categories

1. From your D2L course, click on "Grades" in the navbar
2. Click on the Manage Grades tab near the top of the page (just under the navbar in "Grade")

manage grades

3. Click on the blue New button, and select "Category."

new category

4. You need to enter the following items:
Name: the name of your Category
Weight: the weight of the entire category in the grade book. So, if all of your exams total 50% of the final grade, enter 50 here.
Distribution: select your weighting option, manual weighting if there's variation, or equally distributed.
To drop low scores: Choose the third option, "Distribute weight evenly across all items" and select the number of high or low items to ignore from the final grade.

5. Click Save and New to keep making categories, or Save and Close if you're finished.


Creating Grade Items

1. Follow steps 1-3 in Creating Grade Categories, above, except you will choose "Item" instead of "Category."

2. Choose your scoring method for the grade item. Numeric is commonly used.

new item

3. You will need to enter the following items:
Name: name your grade item. It's best to name it the same or similar to the assignment it's associated with.
Category: though not required, if your grade item is going to be contained within a Category, it's easiest to set it at this point.
Max Points: give your item a point value. If you're associated the grade item with another component of D2L, the Max Points must be the same in both locations (the grade book and the assignment properties).
Weight: If you did not choose "Evenly Distributed" when you created your Category, you will need to assign a weight here.

item properties

Click Save and New to keep making categories, or Save and Close if you're finished.

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