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Copy/Import Material from One Course into Another in D2L (Ex: New Semester)

This document describes how to import content from one course to another in D2L.

The course copy process

Enter the course which will receive the files and select Edit Course

Select "Import/Export/Copy Components"


Select "Copy Components from Another Org Unit" as well as "Include protected resources." Then click "Search for Offering"


Another window will popup. Search for the course you would like to copy components FROM. The easiest way to search for your course is by course number (Ex: 303). Click the magnifying glass icon when finished.

click the magnifying glass
  • Select the bubble next to the course from which you would like to import material. Press "Add Selected" then follow steps 7+ below depending on what you would like to copy.
add selected

Verify you're copying the correct course, then click "Copy All Components"

copy all components

Wait for the blue ‘barber pole’ loading bar to finish and be replaced with a green checkmark. Then click “view content

  • Delete old news items (be sure you're not just dismissing them--this means that students could still see the old news items. You have to use the small arrow to the right of the news item title to "delete" it).
  • Check to make sure your groups/group restricted topics are linked properly (go to edit course, click on the groups tool, filter by category, view membership--if students aren't filtered to those groups--no one will have access to the discussion area. Either manually assign students to a group, or create new groups, then tie them to the group restricted topic in the discussion tool).
  • Check any release conditions or intelligent agents that are imported from the previous course.

Need materials from another instructor?

If you need materials from another instructor's course, ask the previous instructor to email the Help Desk ( granting permission for you to access the course, and specify the level of access (instructor, TA, student, etc.). If the previous instructor is no longer at the institution, the department chair may grant access, and specify the course role via email.

A few considerations

  • Be sure to check that your materials (content, news, grades, discussions, dropboxes, etc.) have all copied. If not, you must DELETE what DID copy before attempting another transfer or these items may be duplicated. 
  • Double-check that if content does not appear that you are not switched into student preview mode--some content will be hidden to students.
  • Instructor level permissions are sufficient to use this tool.
  • You may need to create new groups and update group dropboxes, discussions, and other items so that students can access them.





Verify semester is the correct one to copy from.

i.e. if it is a summer course dates will be easier to adjust if pulling from another summer course. Fall: Fall, Spring: Spring.


Automatically copies from the semester/version you are copying from



Make sure widgets are still accurate: RSS feeds working? Twitter feed pulling from correct #hashtag? Etc.



Adjust dates to release later, or delete old news items.

Make sure you’re actually deleting the news posts rather than just dismissing it with the small (x) in the upper right-hand corner.


  • Adjust dates to reflect new semester if applicable
  • Check external links to verify they’re still live
  • Check content for links that may have moved/404 errors
  • Check embedded Media

If you only selected certain content modules be sure to check the box: “Include associated files”


  • Adjust dates to reflect new semester if applicable
  • Verify Turnitin Integration
  • Check to see if it’s tied to a grade item

You may have to enable Turnitin with 10.6 integration and agree to EULA statement.


  • Adjust dates
  • Adjust group restrictions
  • Adjust visibility
  • Check to see if it is tied to a grade item. Verify instructor knows about 1-1 grade item relationship.

Only copy forums if using group restrictions. It is easier to rebuild the groups every semester rather than retroactively tie them to the topic.


  • Verify auto enrollment for groups that require it
  • Verify that the groups in use are correct: # of groups, or groups of #.

Do not copy groups for group restricted topics.


  • Check question library
  • Review quiz settings
  • Adjust dates
  • Is it tied to a grade item?

If adjusting questions from the question library, be sure to also change them in the quiz as well. The quiz pulls from the question library—but makes a copy of the question.


  • Do you need to adjust weights, categories, or schemes?
  • Points/weights match syllabus
  • Auto-export/tied grade items are adjusted.

Go through Setup Wizard if adjusting multiple things: i.e. keeping final calculated grade up to date, final calculated or final adjusted grade released at the end of the semester, points versus weighted gradebook?


  • Adjust dates
  • Check visibility



  • Publisher Integration links
  • Custom links in Navigation Bar
  • Student resources links


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