Sorting through Discussion Posts in D2L version 10.3

This document describes how to sort through posts in D2L version 10.3.

The new discussion tool in D2L version 10.3 dispenses with the "grid view" in favor of a supposedly more compact view (which used to be called "reading view" in 10.1). Yet, since not many people used the old "reading view," it takes some time to learn to manage. Here are some helpful tips:

Initially, when users go to discussions, D2L separates the total discussion threads from unread discussion threads by using parentheses.


Another useful tip is to filter discussion threads by "unread" or, if the user is an instructor, "unapproved" posts. Users can filter messages in this way at the forum level.

Here is the forum view:

Filter posts at forum view

On the topic level, users may filter messages by their status as "unread", previously "flagged", or "draft." Here is that view:

filter topic

Users may also sort discussion threads alphabetically or by the order in which the posts were made. This can be done in the dropdown menu on the right side of the topic.

sorting options

Also, one can reduce clutter by collapsing all the topics so that D2L only displays the forums along with the number of unread posts. One may de-clutter her/his discussion window by clicking "hide all topics":
hide all topics

After clicking Hide All Topics, this is how the window will appear, with only the forum names and numbers of unread posts visible:

hide all topics after

Users may also jump from one topic to another by using the topics list, which is hidden in a pull out menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

When viewing one topic the panel for the others is tucked away on the left.
pull out pane

Click on the tab and the pane will pull out for you to see all the topics.

pin topics list

If you select "pin the topics list," D2L will put the pane at the left permanently.

You could also use the discussion settings to pin the topics list. To do this, click "settings" in the upper right corner

Then check the "always show discussions list pane" box.
show discussions list

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