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Importing Scantron results into a D2L Grade book

This article describes two methods for transferring scanned results into a D2L grade book.

Scantron test results can be imported into a D2L gradebook. You can either directly upload your Scantron results into D2L, or add the scores to a pre-existing Grade Item.

Direct upload of scores
Adding scores to pre-existing Grade Item

Direct upload of scores

This is probably the easier method of the two options. After you upload your scores you'll want to rename the Grade Item from "Scanned" to whatever the results are for (e.g. Exam 1, Final, etc.)

  • Login into D2L and go to the Grades area of your course. If you're not taken to the Enter Grades are of Grades, click on Enter Grades to go there (enter grades displays your class roster and their scores on each grade item).
  • Click Import
  • Click Browse
  • Select the CSV file containing the Scantron data that was emailed to you
  • Click on the box next to "Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced" to select it.
  • In D2L, click Continue (and Continue again)
  • If you'd like your scanned results to be part of a Grade Item category, select that category (e.g. Exams), and set the point total for the Grade Item.
  • Click Continue (and Continue again)
  • Click Import
  • To rename your scanned results to something more meaningful, click on the drop-down arrow next to the new Grade Items name ("Scanned").
  • Click on Edit, rename the Grade Item, and Save your changes.


Adding scores to pre-existing Grade Item

There are four steps to this process:

  1. Export and download the D2L gradebook taking only the required columns,
  2. Open the Scantron results file
  3. Add/replace the column headings in the Scantron file with those from the D2L gradebook file, and
  4. Import the Scantron file (still in a CSV format) into the D2L course.

Opening the Scantron files in Excel:

Save the Scantron attachment to an appropriate file location, if this was not already done. Open the Scantron file in Excel (CSV files usually open automatically in Excel).

Export from D2L

  • Go to Grades
  • Click Export Grades
  • Select Key Field: Username; and Grade Values: Points Grade
  • Under Choose Grades to Export select only the column you wish to add scores to (Note: this column should be prepared already with the appropriate maximum point value)
  • Click Export to CSV
  • Click the file link in the popup and Open (or Save and then open)

Edit in Excel

  • In the D2L Export Excel file select cell B1 and copy it
  • Open the modified Scantron Excel file, select cell B1 and paste the column headers from the D2L Export
  • Click Save As
  • Next to Save As Type choose CSV (comma delimited)
  • Save the file in a location from which it will soon be retrieved

Import in D2L

  • Click Import Grades
  • Click Browse
  • Select the CSV file containing the Scantron data that was just saved and click open
  • In D2L, click Continue (and Continue again)
  • Click Import

Errors: Any errors in this process appear in the first screen of Import process. These errors usually are the result of missing student UserNames. Those grades must be entered individually.

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