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Deleting Files in OneDrive

Getting Started Quicklinks: Deleting Files in OneDrive

To delete a file while in the OneDrive web view:

  1. Navigate to the file
  2. Select the file (by clicking in the "selected" column indicated by a check mark).


  3. Click "Manage"


  4. Click "Delete"

You can also:

  1. Navigate to the file.
  2. Select the file.
  3. Click the ellipsis (more).
  4. Click the next ellipsis (even more).
  5. Click "Delete"

You can do the same with folders.

To restore a recently deleted file.

Note: If a file or folder already exits with the name of the file or folder you are trying to restore, you will need to rename the file that is NOT in the recycle bin first.

  1. Navigate to the recycle bin by clicking on "Recycle Bin" on the explorer menu on the left-hand side. (You can also get to the Recycle Bin by clicking Options options in the upper right, "Site Contents," and "Recycle Bin" recycle bin)
  2. Select the file(s) you would like to restore (this will restore them to their most recent pre-deletion version).
  3. Click "Restore Selection" near the top.
  4. You will be asked "Are you Sure?" Click Yes.

restore delete sample


You also have the option to "Delete Selection"--this will delete the recovery copy of your file and it will be permanently deleted. There is no way to recover a document deleted from the recycle bin.

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