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Discussion Tool Overview in D2L version 10.3

This document discusses how to use the discussion tool in D2L 10.3.

Starting a Thread:

Navigate to the topic you would like to start a thread. Click on the start a new threadbutton.

1.      From there, you will be required to enter a subject for your thread. Below that, you can type your message.

When you are all finished, simply click post.

Note: There is a checkbox labeled “Subscribe to this Thread” that is checked by default. You will be sent email messages for every response within this thread. If you do not want to receive these emails, please uncheck this box. If you would like to receive these emails, do not use the email “Reply” function to reply to your discussion post. The email is essentially a notification. If you would like to reply to a discussion post, please do it only through D2L.

Replying to a Thread:

Navigate to the thread you would like to reply to and press: reply to thread.

1.    Once you click on that, you will see an area to enter a new subject, and the text box where you should post your reply.

After you are all finished, click post.

Attaching a file to a Discussion Post:

1.       The interface for adding attachments is new in this version of D2L. Under the text box is some blue text that says Add attachments.

add attachments

1.       Clicking this will make it expand and you will see a box with a dotted outline where you can drag and drop files, or click the Upload button to browse your computer for the desired file.

If you have a microphone on your computer, you are able to record and attach audio recordings, all from D2L. Simply click Record Audio and follow the instructions provided by D2L.

You can post the discussion like normal when you are finished.

Insert a Link to a Discussion Post:

1.       Before you begin, you should copy the URL that you would like to attach to your post. Once you have done that, start a thread then click the first component in the large text box, called Insert Stuff.

insert stuff

1.       A window will open and you will have three options on the left side: ePortfolio, Insert Link, and Enter Embed Code. Click on Insert Link, then paste your copied URL in the space provided, then click Next.

2.       If your link is from a site like YouTube, you will see a preview of the link. Otherwise, you will just see your link in the preview area. Then click Insert on the bottom.

3.       When you click Post, your link will be attached to your discussion post.

Hiding/unhiding Discussion Topics:

Note: It is possible to hide topics from view. However, students sometimes hide topics accidentally or forget to unhide topics, so it is important to take note of the hiding/unhiding process.

1.       To hide a topic, click on the blue text under the forum name labelled “Hide topics for [forum name]”.

hide topics

To unhide a topic, click the blue text under the forum name.


Understanding Discussions in D2L 10.3

With D2L 10.3, Discussions has been revamped. When an instructor creates a discussion, it is called a Forum. Within the forum, are Topics. A Topic is similar to a Forum. A good way to understand Forums and Topics is to think of a Forum as a folder, and within that folder is a Topic.
topic and forum

When you open a Topic, you are able to post comments and compose messages by starting a Thread. A Thread is a message or chain of messages.

thread within topic

When you open a Thread, the original post will be on the top of the page and any replies will be posted underneath. The bottom reply is the most recent reply. You can also reply to someone else’s reply.

open a thread

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       Q: Why can I only see the first few lines of someone’s discussion post?

A: You are only one click away from being able to read the entire post! When you open the Topic, D2L only displays a short preview of Thread. If the post is long enough, it will not display the full text within the preview. Simply click on the Thread title to view it in its entirety.

read whole post

1.       Q: Why can’t I click on someone’s link? Instead, I have to copy/paste the link. Isn’t there a better way?

A: Of course there’s a better way! If you simply click on the name of the Thread to open it, you will see the active link.

click link

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