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Students: Using the Dropbox in D2L

This document describes how to use the dropbox in D2L from the student perspective.

Uploading a Document

  1. Click on Dropbox in the Navigation bar. Then click on the Dropbox folder you want to submit files to. NOTE: Some instructors have renamed the Dropbox to say something else, e.g. Deliverable, Assignments, or Written Work.
  2. Click on Add a File.
  3. Click the Upload button.
  4. Once the file has loaded and you see it listed there (no more loading bar) click upload again to choose more files or click Add in the bottom left of the window to add your files to the submission. The window will close. 
  5. Provide any comments if necessary. 
  6. Click Submit

  • You MUST click SUBMIT in order for your file to be submitted. The file is not submitted if you can still see the comment box.
  • After you click Submit, you will see a confirmation page. It is simply an overview of the file(s) you just submitted. You may wish to return to the dropbox and ensure that your submitted files are there and that there were no errors in submission. To do so, go to the dropbox, view the list of available folders, and click the number in the Submissions column for the corresponding folder. All files shown here have been submitted.
  • There is no way for D2L Administrators to verify failure, only the success of a submission. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that a file submits and to contact their instructor if the dropbox is not working.

Reading dropbox submission feedback

Sometimes, professors will leave their feedback on your assignment in D2L. To view these comments:

  1. Click on Dropbox in the Navigation Bar. NOTE: Some instructors have renamed the Dropbox to say something else, e.g. DeliverableAssignments, or Written Work.
  2. View the list of available folders. Click "View" in the Feedback column if available to view feedback.
  • If you feel feedback is missing for a folder, contact your instructor.
  • You can also reach dropbox feedback from the "Updates" section of the course homepage if your instructor has made it available to your course.

Types of files

In most cases your document will be a Word file, but the Dropbox also handles Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and many other formats. Any questions concerning the type of file to be submitted should go to your instructor.

"Oops, your file could not be uploaded"

This is an error message that comes up in D2L

Remove the special character and any leading or trailing spaces from the file name that you are trying to upload and then try again. 

Unaccepted filename characters in D2L:

  • Quote
  • Asterisk
  • Slashes / or \ 
  • Colon
  • Inequalities > or < 
  • Question Mark
  • Pipe or Bar
This error may also occur in other areas of D2L with other special characters in the file name. In general, it is best to limit file names to alpha-numeric (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) and underscore (_) characters.
Once the file name is changed you will be able to upload the file. 

An important note on file sizes

Files that contain images can be very large even though the document itself is only a few pages. PowerPoint files can be very large depending on how the images were added. Be aware that uploading large files can be very difficult from a computer with a slow Internet connection. The best solution is to resize images in an image-editing application, e.g., Photoshop, before inserting them into a document, or reduce image file sizes in PowerPoint.

How to determine if your file(s) got through

Students can check their Dropbox history at any time. Go to the Dropbox tool and click the History button. History lists all assignments that utilize the Dropbox and all the files you submitted. History also includes links to any feedback from the instructor. Note that not all instructors provide feedback in the Dropbox tool. Students should also receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting documents in the dropbox. Please also see the notes under "Uploading a Document" above.

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