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Using the Content Tool in D2L

The content tool in D2L is a flexible means of storing and distributing various types of material. Upload text, audio or video. Post the course syllabus, class handouts, and links to resources.


In an empty course, clicking Content in the navbar brings you to an empty Table of Contents. Click in the Add a Module box and type a name for a module (e.g. Week 1). Content files and activities need to be organized into Modules.

  • The Import Course button allows you to import an existing course from another semester/section.
  • The Bulk Edit tool allows you to modify the attributes of all visible Content items.
  • The Related Tools button -> Course Builder button brings you to the Course Builder tool, which allows you to review your entire course at once.
  • The Related Tools button -> Manage Files button allows you to view of all your files for the course. You can create new folders to organize your course files, upload files, compress (zip) files, download files, and add Content Topics for course files (link the file to the View/Manage Content pages).
  • The Related Tools button->  View Reports button allows you to view statistics, and information about how long users are viewing content with in the D2L window. 
    • If users download the content, or click on a link that sends them outside of D2L, this data (time/average time spent) does not accurately represent the amount of time they've spent using the resource.

Creating content items

Modules need to be created to hold content items. You can think of them as organization folders for your course. Typical module names are "syllabus," "week x," "chapter x," etc.

Click New and you will be presented with four choices:

Upload File - Upload and link to a file that is stored on your desktop, a disk, or somewhere else besides your course. After uploading, a copy of the file will be stored with other course files in D2L.

Video or Audio - Interface for linking to a video or audio, or uploading a video or audio file.

Create a File - This interface allows you to either manually type in text, or paste in text copied to your computers clipboard from another file.

Create a Link - This option allows you to create links to external resources. To avoid any potential security issues, check the box for Open as External Resource.

Add from Manage Files - Link to a file that has already been uploaded into your course files.

New Checklist, New Discussion, New Dropbox, New Quiz, New Survey - Provides an interface to create these activities through Content. This is an alternative process to going directly to these tools to create activities that you'd like linked back to Content.

Adding existing activities to Content

It's possible to link to existing activities through the Content tool. If you'd like to do this, it's best to link to all of your online course activities through Content for uniformity and clarity.

To link to existing activities, click on the Add Existing Activities button. The button is displayed from within a module.

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