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How to connect your device to UWGB-NetReg

This document covers how to connect devices to the UWGB-NetReg network.

This network is designed for devices that cannot connect to the more secure networks (eduroam/UWGB Wireless) such as printers, TV’s, gaming consoles, Apple TV’s and more.  You can use your computer, tablet or smart phone to register your device as well as sharing it with your roommate if you want.  This network is only for registered devices (printers, TV’s, gaming consoles, Apple TV’s) and will only provide internet access to these devices – computers, tablets, and smart phones will not have internet access through UWGB-NetReg they must use eduroam or UWGB Wireless. You can have up to three devices registered to your name.

Note on gaming: For high performance gaming using the wired connection in Res Halls when available.

Note on printers: If you do not with to register your printer and want to use it via USB deactivate it's wireless and come get a free cable at our office. Also, for wireless printing to work the printer MUST HAVE AirPrint. For a complete list of AirPrint enabled printers follow this link to Apple's website:

Once your NetReg compatible device is registered it will connect to the network, and have access to the internet each time it is turned on. You will not need to re-register your device each time you connect it.

Each device will have a slightly different registration process for finding it's MAC Address. Use the links here to find your devices MAC Address before you start the registration process:

Device Registration Process:

1.) Navigate to the UW Green Bay NetReg page on a device already connected to campus wireless. The page can be found here:

2.) Sign in to the page with your campus account.

Sign in with your campus account

3.) Click "Create" This will make a new device record.

Add new device

4.) Fill the form out with your information and device details.
NOTE: The "Shared With" field would allow you to share the device with friends or roommates. For example, if you have an Apple TV, but would like your roommate to also have the ability to AirPlay (More on what AirPlay is here: to the AppleTV just simply add their campus username to the shared with field. In our example here we are sharing the AppleTV with carlbw18.

Fill this out

5.) With all fields filed click the "Create Device" button.

Fill this out

Your device is now registered. Wait 15-20 minutes and reboot the device twice. When it turns back on you will be able to connect and use the NetReg network.

6.) Enjoy your device, or if using a printer with NetReg add it to your computer now. On a Mac laptop you will be able to add the printer just like the directions say from here: With Windows you will need to install the Bonjour for Windows tool that can be found here ( We also have directions on how to install that. They can be found here: Bonjour Print Installation - Windows

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