New Local Profiles for Faculty & Staff

UWGB is converting users to a local profile. Other 'Summer Rollout' changes are also detailed.

UW Green Bay faculty and staff presently use a computer configuration called a 'roaming' profile. Microsoft has decided to end support for this desktop configuration style. Therefore, CIT must adapt its technology to a new configuration call a 'local' profile in order to stay current with Microsoft. Ultimately, it is a good move for UWGB because a local profile establishes a more stable environment for our end users; in addition, the local profile supports all applications and will better protect end users against viruses and malware.

"Summer Roll-out" has already begun! CIT is in the process of converting faculty and staff to the new local profile. A number of KB articles have been created to guide end users in understand how the local profile differs from their present work 'style'. In additional, KB's have been written to introduce this "Summer Roll-out's" application upgrades and procedural recommendations for this summer and fall.

Summer Roll-out Specifics:

[Link for document 51126 is unavailable at this time.]      (Outlook Web Access Gets a New, Fresh Look)
Outlook: Changes with Local Profile      (Major changes to Outlook)
Remote Desktop for Faculty and Staff      (Connecting to your Office computer from On or Off campus
Using Favorites instead of Mapped Drives       (Favorites can replace mapped drives and protect you from viruses and malware)

Local vs Roaming Profiles - FAQs

Q. What are roaming profiles?
A. Roaming profiles are a technology designed by Microsoft that allows your settings to follow you when you switch between computers. This is why your Outlook is already set up and your background image is set when you log in somewhere new.

Q. That sounds great, so why are we moving away from them?
A. Roaming profiles as a concept are a great idea. Unfortunately in practice, they have proven problematic in many ways. Some applications simply don’t support roaming profiles, causing crashes and other issues. Roaming profiles also provide an avenue for viruses and other spyware to follow you and infect multiple machines, leading to headaches down the road. Most importantly, Microsoft has decided to move away from this technology so we need to adapt to stay current.

Q. When will this change occur?
A. This summer, we will schedule one on one time to sit down with each of you and convert your account to a “local profile.” A local profile is very similar to what your home computer already uses. CIT staff will be on hand to make sure your printers, mapped drives, and other settings are restored.

Q. How will this change what I am currently doing?
A. After the initial conversion, you should see little change. We have noticed an overall improvement in computer performance, but your overall experiences will vary. The largest change you will notice is if you log into a new machine, none of your settings will be there. You will need to configure every workstation as a brand new machine.

Q. Are you telling me my stuff isn’t being backed up anymore?
A. Your program settings are no longer being backed up, however all of the files on your M: drive and your Desktop and other campus shares are still being backed up and will be safe.

Q. I’m not sure I quite get any of this. I’m confused!
A. No problem! Remember the Help Desk is always there to answer your questions and help you in any way possible. We are always just a phone call away x2309!

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