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How to Export ePortfolio from D2L to mydesire2learn

These steps demonstrate how to export your D2L ePortfolio, and how to import it into your myDesire2Learn.

**The following steps are screenshots of what the video demonstrates:

Exporting your ePortfolio from UW-Green Bay Desire2Learn

  1. From within the MSN ePortfolio course, click on ePortfolio in the navbar

    capture 1

  2. Click on "My Items" (1), then "More Actions" (2), and finally "Go to Import/Export page" (3)

    capture 2

  3. Click on "Export"

    capture 3

  4. If you want to copy everything in your ePortfolio to myDesire2Learn, click on "All Items" and skip to step #7. If you only want to copy select items, click on "Selected Items."

    capture 4 
  5. Leave “Automatically include associated items” (A) checked. Click on “Add Items” (B), then select items one-by-one by clicking the boxes next to their names (C), or select all items (D).

  6. Click “Add” (E), then “Export” (F).

  7. Notification that the Export is underway will appear. Click on the link, "View progress of the export package" (1). Click on the "" link (2), browser to a location on your computer you'd like to save the file, and click on "Save" (3).

    capture 5

  8. When the download completes, click on "Close" and then "Done."

Importing your ePortfolio to myDesire2Learn

  1. To log into myDesire2Learn on the web go to the following website:

  2. Enter in your username and password.  Then click on the Log In button.

  3. Once you've logged in, you'll notice the interface is very similar to the ePortfolio interface within D2L. Click on "My Items" (1), then "More Actions" (2), and then "Go to Import/Export page" (3).

     capture 6

  4. Click on "Import" from the Import/Export page

    capture 7

  5. Click on "Choose File" (1), browse to your file on your computer and select it (2), then click on "Save" (3).

    capture 8

  6. Click on "Next."

    capture 9

  7. The Import Preview screen will open. Verify the items to import. If you'd like to remove an artifact, click on the red X for that artifact. You can also add "tags" for the items you're importing. Tags are words you associate with an object to make items easier to find. You can search for items with specific tags, and other users can use your tags to search for items.

    To make a multiple-word tag, place double quotes around the entire phrase. For example: typing "winter project" makes the two words a single tag.

    To make a private tag that only you can see, type an @ symbol in front of the tag. For example: typing @draft adds a private @draft tag to an item that other users will not see when you share the item with them.

    To make a private multiple-word tag, put the at symbol before the quotation marks, for example: @"rough draft". Click on "Import" at the bottom of the screen when you're happy with the preview and tag settings.

    capture 10

  8. Click "Done" on the following page.

    capture 11

  9. The "Recent Activity" page will appear. Your imported items should now be on Click on "My Items" to view your ePortfolio artifacts.

     capture 12
  10. Lastly, you should make your ePortfolio webpage accessible to anyone with the link so that you can share this with your future employers. To do that, use the small arrow to the right of the presentation title, and select "Share."
  11. Check the box that will allow your presentation link to be public: **This URL is what you will share with future employers.

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