D2L Upgrade to 10.6 - Changes Impacting Instructors

This document describes the major changes that are likely to impact faculty and other instructional staff after D2L is upgrade to version 10.6 in June 2016.

Improved Group Management & Self-Enrollment Options
  • Introduction of Enrollment type of “#of Groups & Capacity of & Self-Enrollment.”
  • Introduction of self-enrollment deadlines, followed by automatic group assignment for remaining students.
  • Introduction of “Group Prefix” option.
Recover Deleted News Items

Improved Student Engagement with Content Tool through User Progress
In the Summary and Content Progress pages, User Progress contains statistics on the amount of time a learner spends in a content topic. The update to this feature corrects the inaccuracies that can occur when a user session times out or loses connectivity. As a result, the statistics for the amount of time a user spends in a content topic are accurate to the default frequency of 10 minutes. The time spent statistics for other scenarios (such as viewing a content topic and then browsing to the next topic or to another tool) continue to capture the exact duration.

This solution also improves how User Progress tracks time spent in a content topic when the user switches between browser tabs.

instructors can now identify if learners download content at the topic, module, or table of contents level. Instructors can view download metrics from the Summary and Content indicators for a specific course.
Open Dyslexic Font
D2L incorporated the OpenDyslexic font (http://opendyslexic.org/).

To use this font, from your personal menu, click Account Settings.
In the Font Settings area, from the Font Face drop-down list, select Open Dyslexic.
Previously, the Read status of discussion posts by instructors and students automatically tracked during the page loading process for all discussion posts. This often resulted in inaccurate data, making it difficult for users to track the posts they hadn’t read, and produced inaccurate statistics on the number of posts read.

Now, posts that are positioned on users’ screens to be read are marked as read as the user scrolls through them, ensuring a more reliable tracking process. If a user opens an unread thread, after a few seconds of resting on the first post in the thread, it will mark as read. The rest of the posts will mark as read as the user scrolls through them. Students and instructors can trust that they won't miss an important post due to it getting marked read before they could read it, and instructors can be more confident that students have actually read the number of posts reported in Statistics.
Improved Student Course Access Data
In the User Progress tool, instructors can now easily identify when learners access their courses. From the new Course Access indicator, instructors can view detailed course access information such as when a learner last accessed the course and the total number of days they accessed the course.
Updated TurnItIn Integration
A new LTI-based integration for Turnitin is available to replace the legacy API. Settings for enabling and setting up Turnitin, including OriginalityCheck and GradeMark, are now available in a separate tab when instructors create or edit a dropbox folder.
File Management Notification on Content Creation
Instructors can now choose to receive a dialog prompt to specify a Course Files path each time they create Content topics via dragging and dropping onto the upload target area. The prompt can be enabled or disabled from the dialog prompt. Clearing the Show a prompt to choose a folder in Course Files check box in Content Settings will allow instructors who are not concerned about the organization of their files in Course Files or have their own processes for organizing files to continue to drag and drop files without disruption.

The default path provided for the upload files and drag and drop prompt is the last selected path for that module. This makes the process of adding all files for a specific module to the same folder much faster. If instructors dismiss the prompt, the last selected path is used for all files added to the module via drag-and-drop. If no folder was previously selected for a module, files are added to the root folder in Course Files.

Instructors can also access a module’s context menu and click Set Default Path to set a custom default path if they do not need a prompt each time they upload a topic to that module.
Video or Audio Content Items
You can now drop video and audio files directly into the Content area of your course.
Linking to multimedia content or utilizing Kaltura is still preferred for both file storage purposes and cross-platform compatibility.

Awards and Certifications
The new My Awards tool enables Instructors to automatically award Badges and Certificates based on release conditions, or to award or revoke them manually.

To add a new badge to a course, the instructor can complete the New Award page and define the name and description of the award, and set attributes for the award type, sharing, expiry, notification, the location of the image library to use to create the badges, and Issuer information. The image library contains some default icons you can use to create badges and default templates for certificates. Awards can also be designed within the New Award page through an integration with Open Badges Badge Designer.

From within a class list, an Instructor can review the badges and certificates that have been awarded to specific Learners or to the entire class by selecting all the Learners. From this page, the Instructor can grant awards that are not tied to release condition criteria to Learners, or revoke previously awarded badges or certificates. When an Instructor revokes a previously awarded badge or certificate, they must provide a reason.

Learners can see a list of the awards they have received and the available awards. Learners can share their achievements to Mozilla BackPack, the Learner’s ePortfolios, or the Learner's user profile.

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