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Grading Group Restricted Discussion Topics

This article will go over how to assess group restricted topics when they're tied to a single grade item.

Some context:

The way that D2L records grades is one-to-one, so one grade item can only be tied to one activity at a time. This becomes an issue with group restricted discussion topics because once Group 1 is tied to Discussion 1 grade item it will become unavailable as an option for Group 2. 

Once you create a forum that has group restricted topics, and students post to them, you can now assess their work by doing the following:

Step 1: Edit the topic for Group 1:

edit the discussion topic

Step 2: Click on the Assessment tab (1), and then from the grade item drop down menu select the grade item (2):

assessment tab, choose grade item

Step 3: Put the score out of within the entry field:

topic score out of entry field

Step 4: Click "Save and Close"
Step 5: Now that you've tied the topic to the grade item you can Assess the topic.

assess topic

Step 6: Utilizing the filters might help manage the amount of students you must filter through so Viewing by Groups rather than Users is another trick (1 & 2). If you change the filtering you must also click apply so that your page reflects the updates from the selected menu (3). 

Step 7: Next, click on the student who's post you'd like to assess (4):

assess topic

Step 8: This is where you input the topic score (1), and any feedback that will appear in the Grades tool (2). You can also publish from this screen (3). If you do not want to publish the score and feedback immediately do not check the box. When you're finished click "Save and Close":

topic score, feedback, and publishing of feedback/score can be put here

Step 9: This box will appear asking you to confirm that you want this feedback to appear in the grades tool; click "Overwrite":

feedback appear in grades tool

Step 10: Here's what it will look like with published feedback/topic score:

finished published topic score and feedback

Do this for each student in the group, and then you'll have to do a few more things to assess the next group restricted topic.

Since this grade item is still tied to group restricted topic 1, we'll have to "un-tie" it:

Step 1: Edit the same group restricted topic (Discussion Group - Group 1):

group topic 1 edit

Step 2: Click on the Assessment tab (1), and then from the grade item drop down menu choose the default "--Choose a grade item--" setting (2); click "Save and Close":

assessment, default, and then click save and close

Step 3: Now, this grade item is free to use for Discussion Group - Group 2. Edit Group 2 topic:

edit topic 2

Step 4: Like we did for group restricted topic 1, we now need to tie this topic (Discussion Group - Group 2) to the grade item that it is linked with. Click on the Assessment tab (1), and then from the grade item drop down menu select the grade item (2), assign a "Score out of," then click "Save and Close" (4):

group topic 2 assessment tab, choose grade item, assign topic score, and save

Step 5: Now, you can assess the student posts in the same manner that you did for steps 5-10 above. 

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