D2L Intelligent Agents: Setting up automated notifications, alerts, and kudos

Intelligent Agents in D2L allow you to generate custom email messages based upon criteria you set. You can have as many Intelligent Agents set up as you’d like for each D2L class. Intelligent Agents run on a schedule you set, but cannot run more than once per day at your specified time.

Examples of common Intelligent Agent uses are:
  • Generating an email message to students that haven’t logged into your course for a specified amount of time
  • Generating an email message to students that score above a specified threshold (kudos) or below a threshold (alert), providing links to additional study resources as necessary
  • Generating emails to students that have not submitted an assignment or completed an assessment

Intelligent Agents can be customized in the following ways:
  • Trigger based upon specified release conditions (e.g. score on assignment)
  • Run daily/weekly/monthly; repeat every X days; have start and end dates
  • Run once when a condition is met for a student; run every time a condition is met for a student
  • Include Replace Strings to personalize your message for each recipient

Creating an Intelligent Agent
  1. Enter your course
  2. Click Edit in the navbar
  3. Click on Intelligent Agents
  4. Click New
  5. Give your Agent a name
  6. Check the box to enable your Agent

    1. If the Agent is log-in based, check the appropriate box. Login activity relates to D2L in general; course activity relates to your particular course.
    2. If the Agent is not log-in based, skip both check boxes and click on Create and Attach under the heading Release Conditions. Select your conditions and criteria.
  7. Specify if the Agent should trigger only the first time your condition is met, or each time.
  8. Check the box for Use Schedule. Then, specify how frequently the Agent should run (once daily is maximum).
  9. Enter the recipient(s) for the email message. The triggering student is {InitiatingUser}.
  10.  Enter a subject line. The blue hyperlink What replace strings can I use… will provide some examples of personalized items that can be inserted into the subject.
  11. Enter your message. The replace strings from the subject field can by copied and pasted into the message.

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