D2L Quizzes (Students)

This is a general guide for students taking D2L quizzes including how to take a quiz and common problems and their troubleshooting steps.

How to take a quiz in D2L

Note: Some instructors call essay assignments that go in the drop box "quizzes." This article refers to quizzes or exams under the Quizzes tool in D2L. If you are unsure if you should be taking a quiz or doing a drop box assignment, review your syllabus or contact your instructor.

  1. Click Quizzes in the D2L navigation bar from within the course.
  2. Click on the title of the quiz you are supposed to take.
  3. Read all instructions. Note: Several instructions windows will appear before and after the quiz. Read each thoroughly before responding.
  4. Click Start Quiz.
  5. Some quizzes are timed. A message will pop up explaining how the timer works in D2L. Once you've read this message, click OK.
  6. Answer the questions**
  7. At the bottom of the last page, click Go to Submit Quiz
  8. When prompted to confirm, do so by clicking Submit Quiz
  9. D2L will double-check whether you are ready to submit. Click Yes, Submit Quiz
  10. Once you have submitted, your instructor may allow you to view feedback on the quiz.


  • A timer displays on applicable exams. Your time limit and lime left will display in the upper-left corner of the quiz window.
  • Be sure to SAVE YOUR ANSWERS frequently as you go. You can re-save answers if you change your mind. Only saved answers can be verified if you have connectivity issues or encounter other problems within the quiz.
  • If you are answering an essay question, you may wish to open a word processing program (such as Word or Notepad) and type your answer. You can then copy and paste your work into the answer box in D2L. Be sure to watch the time if doing so. Be sure to promptly save pasted answers.

Viewing Feedback

  1. Click Quizzes from the navigation bar from within the D2L course.
  2. Click the drop down option next to the quiz for which you'd like to see feedback.
  3. Click Submissions
  4. You will see a list of "Individual Attempts." In most cases there will be only one. In some cases (such as self-paced practice exams) you will see all attempts. Click on "Attempt #" to view feedback for that attempt.
  5. Here you will see the feedback your instructor has set for the quiz. This feedback may include any of the following:
    • Your final score (most common)
    • Questions you got wrong, with or without the answers, or all questions
    • Multiple choice feedback (explaining why certain answers are wrong)
    • Written feedback (instructor responses to essay questions) NOTE: Instructors can write custom feedback for any question.

Note: You may have "feedback" (scores) for multiple choice and true/false questions immediately but have to wait for your instructor to leave written feedback or scores for essay questions.

Common Problems (and what to do)

Note: Many common problems can be prevented by saving answers frequently! Save early. Save often. Save yourself.

My quiz froze. I cannot click any buttons or links.
If your quiz freezes completely, it's likely a problem with your browser. Hopefully you've saved your responses. You will need to close your browser completely and re-enter the quiz. D2L will remember any answers you have saved.
I cannot save any of my answers.
This usually means you've run out of time and the instructor has the exam set to lock out new answers once time is up. Check the timer at the top. If the timer is at zero, submit your quiz. If the timer is not at zero, this is likely a browser problem. Note your answers somewhere else, close out of your browser and re-enter the exam. If you weren't given as much time as you think you should have had according to the syllabus or other instructions, you will need to contact your instructor.
I'm writing an essay and the box is too small.
This may be an issue with your browser. Some browsers allow you to click and drag in the lower right-hand corner of the text box and make it bigger. The best thing to do for essay exams (for several reasons) is to type your essay in another word processing program (like Word or a text editor) and then copy and paste your answer into the text box.
My professor said that I should be able to see the answers after taking the exam.
See "Viewing Feedback" above.
Which browser should I be using?
All up-to-date browsers should work though we have received reports of errors in Internet Explorer and occasional display issues in Google Chrome. Firefox tends to be the most reliable browser.
I accidentally started the wrong quiz.
Promptly close out of the quiz (D2L will record when you entered and exited the quiz). You will need to contact your instructor to have the quiz attempt deleted.
I completed a quiz but cannot submit it.
Save all your answers. Close out of the quiz and contact your instructor. They can submit the quiz on your behalf and/or manually score the exam if necessary.
I am supposed to take an online quiz, but the quizzes area of D2L is empty.
Some instructors refer to essay exams (drop box), online textbook exams (a separate site from D2L), or other tools as "Quizzes" for their course. Contact your instructor if you have questions about where, when, or how to access a quiz.
I am supposed to paste answers into a D2L quiz but cannot right click.
Some quizzes have right-clicking disabled. To click so your cursor is in the text box and then press CTRL and V on your keyboard simultaneously to paste. CTRL + V.

Accessibility Accommodations

Students who are granted extra time on quizzes and exams (through Disability Services) should contact their instructor to have their D2L quizzes adjusted.

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