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Outlook - Sending a Meeting Request on Behalf of Someone Else

This document details how to send a meeting request on behalf of someone else.

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To Give Someone Delegate Access
To Use Your Access to Send a Request

To Give Someone Delegate Access

***NOTE: In order to send a meeting request on behalf of someone else, you first have to have that person give you delegate access.***

1. Navigate to Outlook on the computer of the person who wishes to delegate their calendar. 

2. Select "File" from the Outlook Menu.

Screenshot of File Tab

3. While in the File tab:

        1. Select "Account Settings."

        2. Select "Delegate Access."

Screenshot of Delegate Access

4.Select "Add."

Screenshot of Add

5. Next:

        1. Choose the person to whom the calendar will be delegated from the address book.

        2. Select "Add."

        3. Select "OK."

Screenshot of Select Delegates Window

6. Accept the default permission settings in the Delegate Permissions dialog box. By default, the delegate can read, create, and modify calendar items.

To Use Your Access to Send a Request

1. Select "Open a Shared Calendar" and open the delegated calendar.

Screenshot of Open Shared Calendar

2. Select "New Meeting" in the new group on the Home tab. Enter the meeting attendees, location, and start and end times as you would do on your own calendar.

3. Select "Send" once the meeting request is completed. You have just sent a calendar entry on another person's behalf.

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