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Kentico - Insert a YouTube video

This document details how to insert a YouTube video to a Kentico page.

Place a Video Using a Widget

Insert a Video

***NOTE: To place a video on a web page, we recommend uploading the video to YouTube or some other video hosting platform like Microsoft Stream or Kaltura. Don’t store a video file in the Kentico media library because the media library doesn’t offer any video enhancement (like automatic closed captioning or buffering for performance).***

Place a Video Using a Widget

***NOTE: Some widgets allow you to place a video instead of a photo. These include the Intro Standard, Styled Text + Photo, and Testimonial widgets.***

1. Insert an Intro Standard, Styled Text + Photo, or Testimonial widget onto the page.

2. Hover over the widget and select the gear icon on the top right of the block.

3. Select "Video" under the Feature Type.

4. A Video URL text field will appear.

***NOTE: If you’re placing a YouTube video, paste the embed URL with the related video parameter disabled (rel set to 0), and the autoplay parameter enabled (set to 1). The video embed url should follow this format: ***

***NOTE: Not all YouTube addresses are the same. It may be easier to copy the video ID from the address and paste it into the embed address. For example: ***

5. Select "Apply."

6. Place the video still image in the page editor.

        1. Select an existing image or placeholder image and select the pencil icon.

        2. Select "Select" to open the media browser.

        3. Select the correct Media Library from the Library drop down menu.

        4. Select the desired folder in the folder structure on the left side to see its contents in the pane on the right. From here you can do a few things: Use the search field on the top right to search for the file. Upload an image to the media library by dragging an image file to where it says “Drop file here” or click to browse to the file on your computer.

        5. Select one of the thumbnail images to select the image and select "Apply" to insert the image.

        6. Enter appropriate alternate text and select "Update."

Insert a Video

***NOTE: You can alternatively embed a video from YouTube or other video streaming platform into your page using the rich text editor toolbar. We prefer you use the widget embed method above, because this function will just plop the video into the page. The video embed may have issues displaying at different screen sizes.***

1. Insert your cursor in a content area where you’d like to place a video.

2. Select the Insert Video icon.

3. You can either:

        1. Paste in the URL with the Insert Link () option selected – this is the default option

        2. Paste in the Embed Code with the Insert Code () option selected

4. Select "Insert."

Need Help?

Placing video is pretty advanced. If you need help placing a video, just email

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