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Adobe - Audio Files Offline When Added to Multitrack Session in Audition CC

This document details how to solve the issue of audio files to show up offline.

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***NOTE: Audio files can show up as offline when added to a multitrack session in Adobe Audition CC if the drive the session is saved to does not have space for a conformed audio file. Saving the session to a new location with significant free space and re-adding the file to the session should solve the issue.***

***NOTE: This can also happen if the multitrack session has been saved on a student network share "M:/" drive or another drive that is nearly full. When an audio file is added to a multitrack session and the file’s sample rate does not match the sample rate of the session, Audition automatically creates a “conformed” audio file with the session’s sample rate and stores it in a “Conformed Files” folder that is created in the directory where the session is saved.***

***NOTE: The student "M:/" drives are very small and do not have room for many of these files, and if there is not enough room on the drive to save the newly created conformed audio file, the file shows up as offline in the multitrack session’s timeline, shows no waveform, and cannot be edited or played back. Unfortunately, Audition does not show an error message to indicate that a lack of space on the target drive is the issue, so it can be very confusing to the user when this error occurs.***

1. To fix this issue, remove the offline audio clips from the multitrack session (select and delete them off the timeline).

2. Save the multitrack session to a different location with sufficient free space by selecting "File" and "Save As."

3. The audio files should now show up properly when re-added to the multitrack session.

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