Kentico - Updating Faculty & Staff Rosters

This document details the steps to add a bio\photo page for a faculty or staff member. This assumes the faculty\staff has been added to the Directory\People section of the web. Please contact if their name isn't in the directory.

***NOTE: Faculty and staff pages are a unique from UWGB Standard Pages, in that they’re linked pages. We use linked pages so that when a faculty or staff member works in more than one department they can appear on each one of those department rosters while only having a single page where their contact information needs to be maintained. [Embed video:]***

***NOTE: Don't repurpose linked pages. It’s very important that you don't rename a person’s page and swap out their information. The page might be linked someplace else. The new person might not fill all the same roles that as their predecessor and the page URL will continue to have the previous person’s name.***

***NOTE: This widget automatically populates the faculty/staff roster on the contact us page with content from the contact child pages. In order for people to appear in the roster, you must first add Faculty/Staff Member pages under the page on which this widget is placed. Add at least one person's page to have them show up here.***

1. In a default section, add the Faculty & Staff widget to the page.

Screenshot of Faculty and Staff Widget

2. Select "Save."

3. In the content tree on the left, select the contact us page under which the Faculty/Staff Member linked page(s) should be placed.

4. Select the plus sign on the top, left of the screen (above the site tree).

Screenshot of Adding Faculty and Staff in Kentico

5. Select "Link to an existing page" on the right side of the screen.

Screenshot of Link an Existing Page

6. Browse to Directory > People and search for the name of the person you’d like to add. If their page doesn’t exist, it will need to be created. Email for help.

Screenshot of Link Page

7. Select the checkbox to the left of the name to select.

8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each Faculty/Staff Member you want to add.

9. With all the Faculty/Staff Members selected, select "Link."

10. The Faculty/Staff pages will be added as child link pages to the site tree. Their portraits and contact information will automatically populate the Faculty & Staff Widget.

Screenshot of Faculty and Staff Roster

Need Help?

Because faculty and staff are placed with linked pages, editing and updating can be complicated. If you don’t feel confident, just email to request help.

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