Top Documents of the Week

  1. How to Unprotect an excel sheet without password
  2. How can I tell if a website is credible?
  3. How to completely delete a print driver in Windows 7
  4. Remove the Endnote Separator Line in Microsoft Word
  5. Rotate Landscape page numbers to match Portrait layout.
  6. Transfering/exporting email folders to another user
  7. Scanning with Preview in Mac OS X
  8. Configuring a Ricoh MFP to Scan to a Network Folder at UW Green Bay
  9. Home Use - Install Office 2016 on a Windows Computer
  10. No Audio On Video Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  11. Sending a meeting request on behalf of someone else.
  12. Setting job codes for a Ricoh / Lanier MFP on a Mac
  13. Microsoft Office 365 Student Portal Login
  14. Computer Labs Information
  15. Embedding Youtube videos into Powerpoint 2010
  16. Insert a PDF into a Word Document (convert PDF to images) - Method 1 of 2
  17. YouTube videos to Auto-play in PowerPoint 2016
  18. Remote Desktop for Faculty and Staff
  19. Convert Adobe LiveCycle Designer Forms to Adobe DC Forms
  20. UW-Green Bay Remote Lab
  21. Technology Recommendations for New Students
  22. How to connect your device to UWGB-NetReg
  23. Instructions for Changing your Campus Password
  24. Remove a Wireless Connection in Windows 8.1
  25. Change your Password in Outlook Web Access
  26. How to remove a file lock manually in MS Server 2008
  27. How to Access OneDrive for Non-UWGB (External) Users.
  28. SPSS Install Instructions for Home Use (Windows and Mac)
  29. Home Use - Install Office 2016 on a Macintosh Computer
  30. How to connect your device to the wireless network
  31. Problems Printing PDF files from within Internet Explorer to a Ricoh MFD
  32. Adding a Consent form to your Survey (Qualtrics)
  33. Microsoft Office 365 Faculty and Staff Portal Login
  34. Downloading One of Your Kaltura Videos
  35. How to find the MAC Address on a PS4
  36. How to turn off Wireless on Printers
  37. OneDrive-UWGB - Get Started Here
  38. How to convert a PowerPoint slideshow into a PDF with functioning links
  39. Snipping Tool - Capture a menu
  40. SPSS - Error 1320. The specified path is too long.
  41. Set Default Application for PDFs in Mac OS X
  42. Excel error on startup - Customization Installer
  43. Creating folders and files in OneDrive-UWGB
  44. Microsoft Outlook Cannot move the items. You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation
  45. Email Phishing and How to Report It (
  46. Correcting Keychain Password Errors
  47. Switching Between Grid and Reading View (Discussions in D2L)
  48. Shorten URLs
  49. 5-week Grade Item Creation - D2L
  50. Discounted Software for Students
  51. SPSS Installation V24 Instructions for Windows operating system
  52. Audio Files Offline when Added to Multitrack Session in Adobe Audition CC
  53. Using Windows Explorer with OneDrive
  54. Oops, your file could not be uploaded.
  55. Passprint U-Print-It (Pharos) Info
  56. Placing a bibliography after your endnotes.
  57. Mobile Printing
  58. Microsoft Office 2013 only opens in safe mode
  59. Excel - conditional formatting to dynamically color-code a range of dates.
  60. Temporary Network Account Requests
  61. Bonjour Print Installation - Windows
  62. Deleting Files in OneDrive
  63. Adding a job code to a Ricoh Printer in Windows 10
  64. Computer Hardware Options
  65. Student Technology Account
  66. iPad, iPhone and Exchange E-mail and Calendar Sync Setup
  67. Adding Site to Java Exception List
  68. Campus Email Setup on Android
  69. Rooms and Tech Equipment
  70. Add PDFs to WordPress Media Library
  71. Remove WordPress Widgets from Sidebar or Homepage
  72. Password Standards for UWGB
  73. Hiding Grade Items from Students in D2L
  74. Students: Using the Dropbox in D2L
  75. D2L Quizzes (Students)
  76. Customizing Your Course's Navigation Bar in D2L
  77. Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite
  78. Setting up Email in Outlook 2016 (Mac)
  79. Home Use - Install Office 365 on a iPad
  80. Printing Transcript in SIS
  81. Saving Emails From Outlook 2013 Desktop Client
  82. How to Log Into your Subdomain
  83. Changing Pin for Campus Voicemail (VOIP only)
  84. Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista - remote file access to network shares via WebDAV
  85. Change resolution of Powerpoint slides to fit on large screen
  86. Adding a Network Printer to a Mac
  87. Web Page Blocked
  88. Map Drive on Windows 10
  89. General Telephone Information (analog only, not VOIP phones)
  90. How to find the MAC Address on an Xbox 360
  91. UWGB Guest - Wireless Connection Instructions
  92. UW-Green Bay Remote Lab FAQs
  93. New to UWGB Technology?
  94. Online Education
  95. How to find the MAC Address on a Xbox One
  96. Voicemail Quick Reference (analog phones only, not VOIP)
  97. Wireless Configuration for Android
  98. Java Security and Temporary Files Changes
  99. Map Network Share on Windows 7
  100. Remove AppleID Account and Wipe iPad
  101. Wireless configuration for Windows 7
  102. When to direct student help requests back to the student's instructor for D2L
  103. Macintosh - remote file access to network shares via WebDAV using Cyberduck (open source software)
  104. Software Center
  105. Digital Identity Inforgraphic
  106. DVD/CD-ROM driver will not install
  107. Adding a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2016 (Mac)
  108. Embed a PowerPoint in D2L
  109. How to Add a Theme in WordPress
  110. Technology Classrooms
  111. Managing Your Campus Password
  112. Account Maintenance Policy
  113. Adjusting Quiz Questions & Answers, Change Quiz Question/Answer Text, Change Quiz Question/Answer Scores
  114. Printing content items in D2L
  115. Eduroam Wireless Network
  116. Software configurations in the Campus computer labs
  117. Campus Wireless - FAQs
  118. Tabloid printing from a Mac
  119. D2L Question Library
  120. Viewing Events Management System (EMS) Reservations

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